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Street Pianos in Mesa

Mesa Contemporary Art Piano at MCC

Downtown Mesa Events

Play Me, I’m Yours has been an inspiring and enlightening tour here in Mesa, Arizona. In a couple of weeks these incredibly elaborate and imaginative pianos will leave the streets of Mesa. The memories of the public engaging with the artistic pianos and strangers of all ages with varied backgrounds gathering, collaborating with music will, undoubtedly, remain in the hearts of all who have stumbled upon any of these publicly displayed pianos.

See Things To Do in Mesa post for event schedule and more about Artist Luke Jerram’s showcase hosted by Mesa Arts Center.

Can’t make it to Mesa before April 9th? Just visit Singapore, Florence (South Carolina), Grand Genève or Boston where this concept will continue its 2016 global tour!

If none of these destinations are on your vacation list, you can still enjoy it!

Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words. So let’s get talking!

Here are photos captured at the kickoff event held by the Mesa Arts Center where all 24 pianos were used at once for a performance! All photos were taken by a team member of the Mesa Mezona Hotel, which is located in Downtown where majority of these piano installments can be easily walked to until April 9th.

Which Piano is your favorite? Comment with your answer below.

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